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We are proud to offer our customers the unmatched versatility and quality results of ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting.  Waterjet cutting is simply one of the most versatile and fastest growing machining processes around.

Our state of the art waterjet has the ability to cut everything from stainless steel, aluminum, and bronze to rubber, plastics, and granite.  We work on thicknesses up to 12 inches with tolerances as close as .005 inches all on a 12′ x 9′ cutting table.

That said, We can cut anything!

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Waterjet cutting is the solution to eliminate HAZ (heat affected zone) and edge hardening issues – you save money on tooling and machining costs. We save you money on material with superior nesting abilities. 

Waterjet cutting produces high-tolerance intricate parts from even the thickest – or thinnest – of materials.  

Waterjet cutting saves you hours of labor and machine time.  QC Electronics holds a strong commitment to delivering the highest quality standards with a timely delivery, ensuring that every customer’s complete satisfaction is reached within every project. All of our cutting, tapping, and drilling services are performed with highly pressurized water on a 12′ x 9′ cutting table.  

We can cut any material.  

Waterjet cutting, drilling, and tapping offers precise results on even the most difficult of designs with minimal cutting time. Depending on the material, our waterjet uses either pure water for less dense materials or water mixed with an abrasive substance to guarantee a smooth cut for the more dense, hard to cut, materials. n abrasive compound can be mixed with the water stream for an added punch to help get through denser and multi-layered composite constructions if needed. Abrasive waterjet cutting is typically the method of choice when manufacturing custom metal parts. This process works best with copper, brass, stainless, and aluminum materials.

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why choose qc electronics for waterjet cutting

​Custom Projects

  • ​Custom part cutting, machine design and custom manufacturing
  • Quick delivery – even same day!
  • Email your cad file – we’ll import it and cut it!
  • Complete in-house manufacturing, design, and fabrication services
  • If you can imagine it, we will help you make it real
  • We will cut your material or ours.  Order your material and have it delivered to QC.
  • We are easily able to import files for design purposes
  • Do you have frequent custom cuts from the same material?  Deliver your material and we will stock it for you! 


  • Cuts virtually any material
  • Superior dimensional control: up to .005″
  • Maintains material integrity
  • No heat affected zone (HAZ)
  • Reduces need for additional machining
  • Superior nesting ability reduces material costs
  • No burning
  • No warping
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Cutting services are provided on any material including, but not limited to:
    • Steel and Stainless Steel
    • Brass, Bronze and Coppe
    • Aluminum
    • Fiberglass; G9, G10, fiberglass
    • All Plastics
    • Foam
    • Granite
    • Ceramic and Glass
    • Wood
    • Rubber
    • Titanium

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